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Our Mission

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At Kooben Technology USA, Inc., our mission is to provide competitively-priced products that perfectly suit our clients’ needs and develop the international market. We will do so utilizing our own manufacturing facilities and our world-class R&D team, which has over thirty years of experience designing the world’s best metal products.

Our Background

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We are proud to be the first Chinese company from the welding materials industry to open in the United States. Chinese research, development, and production resources are efficient and cost-saving, and the U.S. produces high-quality, high-end products. We have solid professional knowledge and lots of experience in the welding materials industry.

Product Lines

Kooben Technology sells four main types of products:

  • Hardfacing welding consumables – Wear resistance solutions for equipment, including our line of hardbanding;
  • Arc-spray wire – Surfacing designed to increase your equipment’s lifespan;
  • Wear plates – Welded metal for the strongest protection; and
  • Metal powders – High quality metal powder used for 3D printing.

For more information about our products, see our products page.