HFK 130-G is a CO2 gas-shielded and low alloyed flux cored wire for buildup or use as a final layer. The deposit is tough, machinable, and proper for components subject to metal-to-metal wear.

Typical applications

Buffer layers on ferritic steels before hardfacing, build-up, gear teeth, conveyor chains, rolls, shafts, bearing tracks, idlers, and mine car wheels.

Chemical composition of deposited metal (%)*

C Cr Mn Mo Si Fe
<0.2 <2.0 0.5–1.5 <1.0 <1.0 Balance

* Depending on the properties of the base metal, the chemical composition may be different.

Mechanical properties

LayersHardness (HB)
3-Layer deposit250–300

Recommended welding parameters

DC reverse connection

Diameter: in (mm)Current (A)Voltage (V)
116 (1.6)200–28022–28

Diameters and packaging

Diameter: in (mm)Packaging: lb (kg)
116 (1.6)33 (15)
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