HFK 155-G is a CO2 gas-shielded flux cored wire that produces slag. Its welding performance is excellent without much splatter, its arc is stable, slag removal is easy, and the weld metal shows some work hardening after impact.

Typical applications

This welding wire is suitable for high impact wear surfacing, such as that for shield machine head surfacing. It can also be used for coal, ore loader hoppers, and cutting edge welding repair.

Chemical composition of deposited metal (%)

C Cr Mn Mo V Si Fe
0.4 6.5 1.0 0.5 0.5 1.0 Balance

Mechanical properties

LayersHardness (HRC)
Before impact50–55
After impact55–58

Recommended welding parameters

DC reverse connection

Diameter: in (mm)Current (A)Voltage (V)
0.045 (1.2)160–22022–25
116 (1.6)200–28022–28
Shielding gasGas flow: cfh (l/min)Torch angleStick out: in (mm)
100% CO240 (20)80°1234 (15–20)

Diameters and packaging

Diameter: in (mm)Packaging: lb (kg)
0.045 (1.2)33 (15)
116 (1.6)33 (15)
Click here to download the datasheet for Kooben HFK 155-G.