HFK 270B-G welding wire is a highly boron-alloyed cored wire for hard surfacing against extreme mineral wear. It features less sputter during welding, a stable arc, and a good appearance after welding.

This welding wire is suitable for unalloyed steels in normal temperatures and the deposited weld metal has excellent resistance to erosion due to its special microstructure.

Typical applications

For parts subjected to wear in machinery for the mine industry and agriculture, screw conveyors, and hoppers.

Mechanical properties

LayersHardness (HRC)
Second Layer65–70

Recommended welding parameters

DC reverse connection

Diameter: in (mm)Current (A)Voltage (V)
0.045 (1.2)160–22022–25
116 (1.6)200–28022–28
Shielding gasGas flow: cfh (l/min)Torch angleStick out: in (mm)
100% CO240 (20)80°1234 (15–20)

Diameters and packaging

Diameter: in (mm)Packaging: lb (kg)
0.045 (1.2)33 (15)
116 (1.6)33 (15)
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