HFK Mn14-G is a cored wire for gas shielded metal arc hardfacing. It has excellent work hardening properties and the degree of hardening depends on the amount of impact on the rebuild component. Austenitic manganese steel must be kept cool during welding. Do not preheat. Use intermittent or staggered weld runs and ensure interpass temperatures are kept as low as possible. Deposit can be multi-layered.

Typical applications

Hardfacing for high manganese steel that suffers from severe impacts, such as hardfacing and repairing jaw plates of crushers, pendulums, crusher rollers, and railway forks. The hardfacing layer possesses good plasticity, strong wear resistance after severe impacts, and rapid work hardening. Therefore, it is suitable for repairing devices which are anti-impact and grain-abrasion resistant.

Chemical composition of deposited metal (%)


Mechanical properties

LayersHardness (HRC)
Before impact27–35
After impact50–55

Recommended welding parameters

DC reverse connection

Diameter: in (mm)Current (A)Voltage (V)
116 (1.6)  

Diameters and packaging

Diameter: in (mm)Packaging: lb (kg)
116 (1.6)33 (15)
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