HFK MnCr-G is an austenitic weld deposit which has excellent work hardening properties and corrosion-abrasion resistance.

The deposit exhibits very good crack resistance and the degree of work hardening is dependent on the amount of impact on the rebuilt component. It is used for rebuilding components exposed to high impact or heavy loads and can be used on ferritic and austenitic steels including “Hadfield” manganese steel.

With proper preheating and interpass temperatures and procedures, deposits can be multi-layered.

Typical applications

Railroad frogs, switches, crossing, tongues, crusher rolls, hammers, steel mill rolls, excavator teeth and all components which are exposed to impact and abrasion.

Chemical composition of deposited metal (%)

C Cr Mn Si Fe
<0.8 13.0–17.0 11.0–16.0 <0.80 Balance

Mechanical properties

LayersAs welded (HRB)Work hardened (HRC)
Third Layer210–24040–45

Recommended welding parameters

DC reverse connection

Diameter: in (mm)Current (A)Voltage (V)
116 (1.6)200–28022–28
Shielding gasGas flow: cfh (l/min)Torch angleStick out: in (mm)
100% CO240 (20)80°1234 (15–20)

Diameters and packaging

Diameter: in (mm)Packaging: lb (kg)
116 (1.6)33 (15)
Click here to download the datasheet for Kooben HFK MnCr-G.